A Typical Day at Happy Hounds Doggie Daycare

7am – the doors open. Dogs that normally walk very nicely on leash have been known to pull Mom or Dad through the front door to start playing as quickly as possible!

When the dogs arrive in the morning they go directly to their play group and start playing! Most of the morning is spent running, chasing and playing tug-o-war or keep-away with their friends.

Daycare dogs – like kindergartners – play hard all morning and then need a break. All the dogs get a two hour nap mid-day (11:30am - 1:30pm).

We have a separate crate room with both the wire style and plastic style crates. So whatever your dog is used to we can accommodate! We also have 5ft x 5ft pens and a small room we call the den for those dogs that are not crate trained. Once everyone is in their crate, pen or the den – they each get a treat and then its lights off – smooth jazz on.

After nap time they are up and playing again in their play group.  During the summer when it is hot outside, the dogs get to play in the pools! During the winter when it is cold outside, the dogs play inside, but still get to romp in the snow weather permitting.  Dogs are in their play groups playing until the end of the day when Mom or Dad comes to pick them up.